​​​A look at activities ...

​​Mondays - Bible Study at Lakeview Village - 6:30 pm

​October 14th - Youth Group 5:00 - 7:00 pm - (Tony and Penni's)

October 15th - Senior Dining 11:30 - Amana Church

Sunday Service 

October 14th, 2018  - Combined Communion Service,

Elder Betsy Momany presiding

Testimony:  Excerpts from C Metz, Nieder Ebenezer, 1855; Excerpts from JA Gruber, Leisingen Switzerland, 1716

Scripture:  Matthew 26: 26-30

Songsheets will be provided

Our faith community welcomes you, and your family. Join us to worship, pray and learn.

Sunday Daycare Schedule

Grow your faith with us

Growing your faith in the Lord is rewarding when you have a quiet place away from the world. Our congregation is  lead by God and we reach out to all in need, offering support to all in our community.  Come join us!

A community of true inspiration

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Saturday Evening Informal Service

Join us each Saturday Evening at 6:00 pm in the Amana Church for our informal service/bible study.  Everyone is welcome.  

I rejoice with those who said to me,

"Let us go to the house of the Lord"

Psalm 122:1