Grow your faith with us

Growing your faith in the Lord is rewarding when you have a quiet place away from the world. Our congregation is  lead by God and we reach out to all in need, offering support to all in our community.  Come join us!

A community of true inspiration

Community Service

Our outreach programs help us bring the gospels to life!

I rejoice with those who said to me,

"Let us go to the house of the Lord"

Psalm 122:1

A look at activities ...

​​April 21 - 8:30 am - Cemetery clean up (meet at Middle)

April 22 - 4:00 pm - Youth Group - Amana

April 23 - 11:00 am - Senior Dining - Amana

April 25 - 7:00 pm - Wednesday Evening prayer service

Saturday Evening Informal Service

​Every Saturday at 6:00 pm at the Amana Church Sunday School.

Everyone is welcome.  At this time we are on the book of Acts.

Our faith community welcomes you, and your family. Join us to worship, pray and learn.

Sunday Service

April 22, 2018 - Mike Shoup, Elder presiding

Testimony: J.F. Rock, December 2, 1719

Scripture: Romans 12:1-2; Psalm 100

8:30 am Service
Opening Hymn: "Ich Sing Von Meines Gottes Treu" #479
Closing Hymn: "Jauchzet Ihr Himmel" #442

10:00 am Service

Opening Hymn: "Of God's Great Love I Sing Today" #56

Closing Hymn: "Now the Shades of Night Are Gone" #187