Our Sunday Service

February 25, 2018  - Emilie Hoppe, Elder presiding

Testimony: J.F. Rock, Bayreuth, October 22, 1724

Scripture: Mark 5:1-9, 21-34,  Psalm 139:1-10

8:30 am

Opening Hymn: "Ich Singe Dir mit Herz und Mund" No 485

Closing Hymn: "Wer ist's der laut're Wahrheit sucht"  No 1074

10:00 am

Opening Hymn: "God Who Madest Earth and Heaven"   No 32

Closing Hymn: "The Law of God is Good and Wise", No 179

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I rejoice with those who said to me,

"Let us go to the house of the Lord"

Psalm 122:1