​​​​​​​​A look at upcoming activities ...

​​​​​​​​​​February 25 - Senior Dining, Amana 11:30 am

February 27 - Wednesday Evening Prayer - 7:00, Middle Church

March 13 - BOT Meeting, Middle Church

​​Sunday Morning, February 24, 2019

8:30 am Sunday School 

All children ages 3 and up are invited to attend Sunday School at the Amana Church.  Adult Sunday school is also at the same time and location.

Church Services - Middle Amana

   Elder Tony Berger presiding

   Testimony: J. F. Rock, November 9, 1732

​   Scripture:  Exodus 17:1-7 and Psalm 23

   8:30 am Service

   Opening Hymn:  "Wie soll Ich Dich empfangen" No. 1107 (v. 1-5)

   Closing Hymn:  "Wie soll Ich Dich empfangen" No. 1107 (v. 6-10)

   10:00 am Service

​   Opening Hymn:  "O How Shall I Receive Thee" No. 151
   Closing Hymn:  "Now, The Hour of Worship O'er" No. 278

Our faith community welcomes you, and your family. Join us to worship, pray and learn.

Sunday Daycare


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Growing your faith in the Lord is rewarding when you have a quiet place away from the world. Our congregation is led by God and we reach out to all in need, offering support to all in our community.  Come join us!

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Psalm 122:1